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Bell Schedules

2016 - 2017
1st Breakfast included  8:00  9:03
2nd  9:07  9:58
3rd 10:02 10:53
4th 10:57 11:48
Lunch / Advisory 11:48  1:18
5th  1:18  2:09
6th  2:13  3:04
7th  3:08  4:00
7th Lunch 11:48 12:18
7th Advisory 12:18  1:14
6th Advisory 11:52 12:18
6th Lunch 12:18 12:48
6th Advisory 12:48  1:14
8th Advisory 11:52 12:48
8th Lunch 12:48  1:18


Badger Fees

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ASB Card - $20.00            

Yearbooks - $30.00

Family ASB - $45.00

*All band students must purchase an ASB Card.

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Upcoming Events

5/23:  Move Up Day

5/25:  Forget-Me-Not Walk/Run

5/25:  BCMS & High School Choir Gala 7pm at Becker Auditorium

6/1:    BCMS Talent Show

6/5:    Reality Town

6/7:    8th grade last day

6/8:    Last day for 6th & 7th grade

6/8:    8th grade Promotion 6:30pm



Classified Employee of the Month

It is a pleasure to recognize Maria Martinez as April’s Boundary County School District’s Classified Employee of the Month! Maria is great to work with because she is extremely personable, professional, and a team player.

Maria is a very personable person. She is always smiling when you talk with her and always asks if she can help you with anything when any conversation begins. She treats staff, community, and students with the same politeness and respect. She is extremely inviting to all and very willing to discuss personal life as well as professional life. Maria makes coming to work a joy and tries to help everyone have a great day while at Boundary County Middle School.

Maria is also extremely professional. She is always working with the students under her care and trying to help them improve. She works well with other staff members to assist students not only in her class but in other classes as well. She will have the difficult conversations when they are needed and also talks with parents when it is advised or necessary. She maintains a great rapport with all while also able to differentiate what should be discussed with others and what should remain private.

 Maria is also a great team player. She is very willing to assist other teachers and community members when needed. She often plays the role of interpreter when needed in order to further help students or families in the area. It would often be nearly impossible to get some of the required conversations or work completed without her assistance.

Maria is a wonderful asset to our team.  Any day you come in contact with Maria will be a better day because of it. She has a great professional understanding of her job and its requirements. She is an awesome team player. She goes out of her way to make you feel important and valued. Please take a moment to thank her for her service the next time you see her.


Miles' Monitor


Principal, David Miles II


The end is near for Boundary County Middle School!

The end of another school year is upon us. This is the next to last article to be written this school year. It is always surprising when this time of the year seems to come so quickly.

The end of the year is a perfect time to reflect upon the work done by teachers. This week has been set aside for teacher and staff appreciation week. With the generous efforts of P1FCU and other community members, teachers and staff were treated all week with breakfasts, lunches, and other treats and tokens of appreciation. If given a chance, please thank a teacher or staff member for their hard work and thank P1FCU for their sponsorship.

Speaking of thanking teachers and staff, Maria Martinez was selected Boundary County School District’s Classified Employee of the Month for April. She is a wonderful staff member who strives to help students as much as possible and makes the day brighter for all who come in contact with her.

While on the topic of recognition, several students and staff were selected as April’s Citizen of the Month. April’s trait was trustworthiness. Please take a moment to recognize Cecilia Roemer (6th grade), Rose Owens (7th grade), Emma Pinkerton (8th grade), and Terese Luikens (staff).

Thinking about citizenship, we had an amazing citizen of Idaho recently stop by for a visit. Miss Idaho, Kylee Solberg, stopped in to speak about her amazing journey with the message of don’t let people stereotype you into inaction and be careful with social media. She was well received and spoke to all classes during their advisory time as well as the leadership class to end the day.

Bringing up Idaho causes me to think about our own student, Emmet Melior, who competed in the recent state geography bee and placed 4th overall! What a fantastic job for one of our own to do so well at the State Geography Bee Championships.

We have others doing well in other events also. Our track team is having a great season. At our only home meet of the season, our boys and girls literally ran away with the victory. We hope to continue that success right through to districts and bring home championships.

On the topic of doing well, our students have been taking the state ISAT tests and it looks like they are doing well and trying their best. We are always excited to see the results of the testing when it becomes available. Thank you to the community for supporting our and their efforts during this high anxiety time of year.

Anxiety is the term of the day as not only testing is occurring; the end of the semester is right around the corner. Midterm for 4th quarter is May 11th and grades will be sent home with students on that day.

Parents are already actively planning the 8th Promotion Dance another letter was sent Tuesday, May 2nd with information about the promotion ceremony and dance. Another letter was sent with it explaining the 8th grade trip to Silverwood. If you have questions, please call our office.

What a great time to remind folks that grades and behavior are used to determine eligibility for end of the year events.

All this and students are continuing to do work in class as normal. Art students recently created some fantastic art. Computer students recently created a unit on 3D printing. Band students recently competed and earned high scores. How do they do all that they do?

Don’t forget about upcoming events:: Cheer Tryouts May 15-19, Drama presentation May 18, Choir concert May 22, Move up day May 23, Forget me Not walk/run May 25, Talent Show June 1, Reality Town June 5, 6th and 7th field day June 8, 8th promotion and dance June 8, Last day of school June 8 (6th and 7th graders have early release that day, 8th graders don’t have to report to school until 5:45pm for promotion ceremony and dance).


Art Class Field Trip

Middle School Art Students recently had the privilege of visiting Gizmo, in Coeur d'Alene, where they learned about Automata. Using ingenuity along with cranks and cams they made creations with moving parts.



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