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Boundary County Middle School students spent a day amidst the all-important agricultural industry on Monday, November 10th. The day started with 35 students paying a visit to Fred Robbins at the Selkirk Mountain Elk Ranch.  While there, students got to see and learn about elk as well other animals.  

The elk farm was followed by a tour of Apple Creek Propagators. Rosalyn Driedger showed the group around the property and discussed the wholesale plant industry.  The students watched the workers preparing the plants for winter and learned about the work involved with growing landscape plants.

Following the nursery, the students traveled out to Kootenai Valley Farm and Research to see agricultural research plots with potatoes and corn. Mike Hubbard discussed the important role that research plays in the success of food and crop production.  

After leaving the research plots, students went to Hubbard's orchard where they learned a bit about growing orchard crops, and then pressed fresh cider from apples they picked.  

The day concluded with a presentation on wheat harvesting from Ty Iverson and Wes Hubbard.  Students learned about equipment involved and how it works.

The students had a great time learning, thanks to the willingness of the people who shared their time and knowledge of the agriculture industry.

2014 Winter Sports

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Principal, David Miles II


The student conceived, created, and led Anti-Bullying Assembly created by Leadership class in conjunction with other classes at the Middle School was a huge success! The participating students did a fantastic job and the students who viewed the program were especially receptive and respectful.

Red Ribbon Week also went over very well. This year’s theme was “Love yourself, be drug free” and students decorated their doors to compete on who could create the best drug free themed door.

The Halloween Dance at BCMS was awesome! It was the best attended dance since I’ve been here. The students seemed to have a great time dancing in their costumes and the costume contest was popular as well.

The book fair returned to the BCMS library. It was able to garner $2,342.79 in sales resulting in around $1100 in books for BCMS! It also resulted in Mr. Miles agreeing to complete some Zumba Dance Dare. To be continued….

The Veteran’s Day Assembly went more smoothly than anticipated. We had several local Veterans’ attend the morning assembly where the BCMS band treated them to “Stars and Stripes.” The art class presented flags they made in class and several speakers delivered messages of the importance of Veteran’s Day. We also presented the local Veterans’ group with a check for $2,070.58 BCMS students raised during our yearly Penny Wars!

Please congratulate Lisa Iverson! She was selected as the teacher of the year by the local Veteran’s groups! Lisa will not allow students to fail. She stays in touch, contacts them, contacts parents, and does whatever possible to make sure they are doing the work to pass her class. She basically rides them until they can’t do anything but do her work and pass her class.

The Leadership class is in the middle of creating local gratitude walls. Their objective is to get students to periodically write what they are grateful for and have other students see those writings. They are hanging paper around the school with markers for students to share their gratitude.

November 25th: Only home wrestling match. 4:30pm.

~ September ~ Certified Employee of the Month

2014-11-13 13.12.38.pngPlease congratulate Kelly Hinthorn.  She is the certified employee of the month for Boundary County School District.  Kelly is a mentor and model teacher.  She embraces the philosophy of helping every student achieve success every time.  Other teachers can go to her when they are struggling and know they will get good advice.  She also volunteers so much of her time to help other groups be successful.  She is the leader of students at our school and helps the leadership class create wonderful activities.  Our school is very lucky to have a person who works as hard as Kelly does.  Awesome work Kelly!

~ October ~ Classified Employee of the Month

Please congratulate Darcia Hummel.2014-11-13_12.57.42.jpg  She is the classified employee of the month for Boundary County School District.  Darcia can be seen running from place to place helping students as needed.  She has a desire to make sure students are doing things correctly and is quick to correct their mistakes while making sure they continue to move on.  Darcia is very professional in her duties and despite being pulled in so many directions each day, I’ve never heard her complain.  Good job Darcia!

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