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Badger Fees

ASB Card - $20.00            

Family Pass - $45.00

Yearbooks - $25.00

Planners - $5.00

⇔ All band students must purchase an ASB Card.


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Miles' Monitor


Principal, David Miles II


Thank you community for all the support you have given BCMS during the 13-14 school year. It was a fantastic first voyage for me and I appreciate all the help from community members, staff, and students. See you next year!

Final BCMS Choir concert at Becker Auditorium was good. Many students sang solos which took a lot of courage.

Some 8th grade Gear Up students had the chance to attend an overnight campus visit of the University of Idaho and Washington State University recently and according to them it went very well.

Talent Show created by BCMS Reading Plus class will hosted a fun event showcasing BCMS student talents during an end of school assembly. It was very entertaining.

Last Day of School activities were successful. 7th grade boat races were hilarious and 6th grade egg drop was intriguing.

June 5th: 8th Grade Promotion and Dance beginning at 6:30 for eligible 8th graders only (grades and behavior).

August 26th and 27th: Pre-registration 8am – 430pm. Students/parents may come and get (re)acquainted, meet teachers, get their schedules, fill our required paperwork, etc.

August 28th: 6th Grade transition. Incoming 6th grade students can come to school to meet staff and each other where a variety of icebreaker events will occur. Also a chance for 6th graders to learn the layout of the school, get their lockers and locker combinations, practice moving from class to class, etc.

September 8th: Back to School Night. This is a chance for parents to meet new teachers and discuss expectations and curriculum for their students.


*4+ gb Flash Drive

*School Planner ($5 at school office)                                                                       *Optional-Metronome/Toner
*3 Dozen #2 Pencils (1 dozen to Advisory teacher)
   Mechanical with lead supplied                                                                          *2 White Vinyl, Gum or Kneaded
*2 Rolls Adhesive Type Tape for Advisory Teacher
*1 Box of Tissue for Advisory Teacher
*2 Glue Stick for Advisory Teacher
*$5 for Advisory Activities to Advisory Teacher
*Pencil Pouch/Holder
*1 Pkg. Colored Pencils
*1 Pkg. White 3x5 Index Cards
*2 Black Fine Tip Markers               
*1 Highlighter
*1 Pkg. College Ruled Notebook Paper (for whole year/personal)
*2 Black/Blue Pens
*2 Book Covers (can be home made for Science & Social Studies)
*2 Spiral Notebooks (Science & Math)
*2Composition Book (Language Arts and Reading)
*1/4 Inch Lined Graph Paper
*TI-30 x 11S Calculator or Comparable (purchase optional)
*PE Shirts (Forms at Office or Far North)/PE Shoes

7th Grade School Supplies

*4+ gb Flash Drive
*$5 for Advisory Activities to Advisory Teacher
*School Planner ($5 at school office)                                                                      
*1 Pkg. Colored Pencils (Geography and Science)
*1 Pkg. Highlighters (4 different colors)
*TI-30 x 11S Calculator or Comparable
*Pencils/Lead for Mechanicals LOTS!
*2 Black Fine Tip Marks (Sharpie)
*2 Black Ultra Fine Tip Markers
*6 Spiral Notebooks College Ruled (Sci/L. Arts/Geography)
*2+ Pkg. College Ruled Paper
*1 Pkg. 4x6 Index Cards
*2 Boxes of Tissue For Advisory Teacher
*2 Pkgs. Assorted Page Markers
*PE Shirts (Forms at Office or Far North)/PE Shoes
*Book Cover (Science) can be home made
*6 Glue Sticks
*Composition Notebook (Math)


8th Grade School Supplies

*4+ gb Flash Drive
*School Planner ($5 at school office)
*5 Composition Notebooks (9 3/4 x 7 1/2) for Pe-History-LA-Math
*TI-30 x llS Calculator or Comparable
*Pronged/Pocket Folder with notebook paper-Science
*Pencils/Lead for Mechanicals (to last through the year)
*2+ Pkg. College Ruled Paper (to last through the year)
*Blue/Black Pens
*2 Red Pens for Correcting (to last through the year)
*Pencil Pouch (to last through the year)
*2 Boxes of Tissue for Advisory Teacher
*3 Ring Binder with 6 Dividers (trapper keeper)
*PE shirts (Forms at Office or Far North)/PE Shoes


Art I & II

*2 Black Ultra Or Xtra Fine Tip Marker

*2 White Vinyl, Gum or Kneaded Erasers
*Pencils LOTS



*2 Black Ultra or Xtra Fine Tip Marker
*2 White Vinyl, Gum or Kneaded Erasers
*Pencil Pouch-Zip Lock Bag to Hold Supplies
*Pencils LOTS1
*Pencil Pouch-Zip Lock Bag to Hold 

*$20 Fee for Art 3 (Pay to Office)



*1-1" 3 Ring Binder
*Plastic Page Holders (at least 1 pkg.)
*1 Box of Pencils
*Accent on Achievement Book 1
 (6th Grade Band Instrument Determined
2nd Week of Band)
*Accent on Achievement Book 2
 (7th and 8th Grade Band)
*Instrument Accessories
 (reeds, key oil, etc.)



6577 Main Street, Suite 100

Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805

Mr. David Miles II, Principal

Phone   208.267.5852

Fax   208.267.8099


Bell Schedules


7th & 8th Grade Schedule
1st 8:00  8:54 
2nd 8:58 9:52
3rd 9:56 10:50
4th 10:54  11:48 
Grade 8 Lunch 11:52 12:27
Grade 7 Advisory 11:52 12:27
Grade 7 Lunch 12:31 1:06
Grade 8 Advisory 12:31 1:06
5th 1:10 2:04
6th 2:08 3:02
7th 3:06 4:00


6th Grade Schedule
1L                         8:00  8:54 
2L 8:58  9:52
3L 9:56 10:34 
4L 10:38  11:15
Grade 6 Lunch 11:15 12:00
5L 12:06 1:06
6L 1:10 2:04
Advisory 2:08 3:02
7L 3:06 4:00



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Cyberbullying: New Problems, New Tactics
Bullying is an old problem that remains difficult to bring under control, in part because technology offers new ways for kids to pick on one another. Indeed, cyberbullying can extend the reach and power of some of the worst bullies, subjecting kids to taunts from beyond their own schools and neighborhoods.  
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Our school/district has selected the Student Insurance Plan to make reliable coverage available to parents. Coverage may be purchased at any time during the school year by visiting