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BCMS art students showed their work recently at the local art show hosted by

The Boundary County Human Rights Task Force.

 Art 3 students created a mural with the theme

" Badgers Stand up for Human Rights."


Miles' Monitor


Principal, David Miles II


We would like to recognize Wyatt Hart (6th), Jeannie Pinkerton (7th), Tyrell Wortley (8th), and Paul Bonnell (staff) for January’s Citizen of the Month which focused on Fairness. Way to go folks! BCMS is happy to have you and your efforts to make this place better for all.

BCMS collected 280 bags of clothing for the Clothes for a Cause event! BCMS wishes to thank our community for their support.

BCMS hosted a Human Rights Assembly with several activities and events created by students at BCMS on Thursday, January 28th. The students put together a meaningful and impactful show. BCMS is very proud to have such wonderful students who are talented, thoughtful, and motivated.

BCMS drama students will be presenting “Lice Busters” to schools near you on Feb. 4th. This program is a humorous look at how to prevent lice and keep it from spreading.

Have you heard about the State of Idaho’s 8in6 program? If done correctly and timely, your children could earn a Associate’s Degree at the same time they graduate from high school! Students need to start the summer before their 7th grade year. Contact your school counselor to learn more about this awesome program.

Please congratulate our spelling bee winners and runners up: Tyler Stockdale and Madison Costa (winner and runner up 6th), Regina Claphan and Chase Tucker (winner and runner up 7th), Adrianne Brown and Reianna Brooks (winner and runner up 8th). This was a lot of fun to watch and a thank you also needs to go to other students who came to watch their peers compete.

If you have questions about world geography, you should ask our Geography Bee winner Victoria Rae. She beat out a host of other students to claim the championship. All students who participated did a great job!

The BCMS Food Drive was another successful competition benefitting our local food bank. 795 pounds of food was raised to help our local community during this time. Congratulations to our 7th grade class for bringing in the most items. I am positive our local community is thankful for all our students’ efforts.

Our school has been selected to run a “Trout in the Classroom” project! Mr. Bell, our 8th grade science teacher, has applied and been accepted and any questions you have about this program should be sent to him. Basically, students at our school will raise trout to release into nearby approved waterways and learn the science behind this endeavor along the way.

Parents, please help us keep the front of our school safe! Buses need to be able to use the front of our school to drop off and pick up students as well as allow students to change buses. This mixed with students leaving and arriving the building can make for a dangerous situation. Please use the north and south parking lots to drop off and pick up your students at the beginning and end of the school day.

Remember semester grades are permanent and are counted toward the promotion requirements for all students. Students that have failing grades are at risk of being held back, repeating specific classes next year, or having to take summer school in order to move on to the next grade level. Please take a moment to check your child’s grades frequently to ensure they are on track to be promoted to the next grade level. The semester end date of January 28th is fast approaching…. Call BCMS if you have any questions or concerns.

Winter is here! Please remember we allow students to go outside for lunch every day (barring extreme cold) and they need to be responsible with the clothing they wear.

Yearbooks/Annuals are on sale now. The yearbook/annual ordering system will be a bit different this year due to financial concerns. Only pre-sold books will be ordered this year meaning no extra yearbooks/annuals will be available to buy after the ordering deadline. Please make sure you order your yearbook/annual before the deadline if you want one this year.

Thank you to the Border Patrol for adopting BCMS this year. We greatly appreciate the supplies you donated to our school.  Revised 2/2/16


Upcoming Events

2/2: NIC Jazz Festival

2/3: 6th Grade Ski Trip

2/3: 8th Grade Promotion Dance Meeting, 5:30pm, BCMS Library

2/4: Lice Busters

2/6: Band event: Solo and Ensemble

2/8 – 2/9: Student led conferences at BCMS, 4:30-8pm

2/18: Pep Assembly, BCMS gym, 3:00pm

2/24: Motivational Speaker – Amberley Snyder



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Mr. David Miles II, Principal

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6th Advisory 12:48  1:14
8th Advisory 11:52 12:48
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