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Today: 4/19/15

Badger Fees

On Sale Now In The Office

ASB Card - $20.00            

Yearbooks - $25.00

Planners - $5.00

Art II & Art III Fee - $20.00

Family ASB - $45.00

*All band students must purchase an ASB Card.

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INSTRUCTIONS:  Scroll toward the bottom and find the link that says, Practice Test Portal, under the heading, Resources and Support.  Then click on the green box with the bicycle at the bottom of that page.  Login as "Guest" using the pre-filled fields.



Certified Employee of the Month

Jenny Mackey is an exceptional teacher. Walk in to her class anytime to witness for yourself students meaningfully engaged in exploring a math topic and Mrs. Mackey walking around the room stopping often to help students discuss a math problem. You will see students who have not only been taught math but been taught how to discuss math with each other. You will see students who have been taught how to conduct themselves appropriately in a classroom to learn math. Furthermore, you will see students who trust and respect Mrs. Mackey and thus work harder to learn her subject. Mrs. Mackey has embraced the idea of teaching math from multiple perspectives so that students may learn how to solve math problems their own way not just her way. This provides students the opportunity to not just do math but more importantly how to understand math. Mrs. Mackey provides students a solid foundation of math concepts so they will be ready to tackle increasingly harder math concepts in their future. I applaud Mrs. Mackey’s efforts to help students learn math concepts. Thank you Jenny!


Parents and Community members, please know that your input is very valuable and greatly appreciated!

Please complete the following survey so that we may continue to provide a safe learning environment for BCMS students.

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Miles' Monitor


Principal, David Miles II


We are gathering feedback from parents to help improve our school. Please complete the survey above to give us valuable feedback. Students and staff have already completed a similar survey and we are excited to view and discuss the results.

Lisa Iverson was recently named certified employee of the year! She is very deserving of this award so please congratulate her when you get a chance. We are definitely very lucky to have her in the building.

Jenny Mackey has been named certified employee of the month! Again, we are so fortunate so have teachers as good as Jenny. She is always working to improve student’s understanding of math. Please tell her thank you for her hard work when you get a chance.

6th grade students recently participated in an online financial literacy lesson provided by P1FCU (Potlatch Federal Credit Union) known as Banzai. It was designed to help students recognize the importance and value of money and how to properly handle it. I witnessed students discussing the possibilities and also making important understandings about money, schooling, and debt. Thank P1FCU and Mrs. Stolley for this this program at our school.

Last (4th) quarter has started. Please help students academically and behaviorally complete the final quarter well.

The Student vs. Staff basketball game and Assembly to end 3rd quarter were great. Great competition but the staff pulled out the close win.

Track practice began and we have around 60 students participating this spring. Come and watch our spring athletes at our only home track meet on Thursday 4/23 at 4:30pm.

Preseason drug testing for track at middle school went without any issues. It only took around 1.5 hours to test all of our spring athletes. Don’t forget we will also have at least one random drug test during track season. Contact the middle school for more details.

Upcoming Events:

4/13: Board Meeting at the middle school at 6:00pm.

4/16: Drawing for Ag. Science fund raiser. Contact Brenda Kerttu at the middle school to find out how you can be eligible to win ½ a hog.

4/20: State testing begins. Please help students be ready for the next three weeks of testing.

4/22: National Secretary’s Day.

4/23: Home track meet. The only home meet of the season.

5/1-5/2: Middle School Robotics is hosting a yard sale at the middle school parking lot. Come support this new program.

5/4-5/7: Teacher appreciation week.

5/12: Band finale concert at 6:30pm at Becker Auditorium.

5/18: Choir concert at 7:00 pm at Becker Auditorium.

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School Office Hours

7:00 am - 4:30 pm

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6577 Main Street

Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805

Mr. David Miles II, Principal

Phone   208.267.5852

Fax   208.267.8099

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Bell Schedules

2014 - 2015
1st 8:00  9:07
2nd 9:11 10:06
3rd 10:10 11:05
4th 11:09 12:04 
5th 12:08 1:03
6th 1:07 2:02
7th 2:06 3:01
8th 3:05 4:00
Grade 6 Lunch 11:33 12:04
Grade 6 Advisory 11:09 11:33
Grade 7 Lunch 12:04 12:39
Grade 7 Advisory 12:39 1:03
Grade 8 Lunch 1:03 1:38
Grade 8 Advisory 1:38 2:02


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