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Miles' Monitor


Principal, David Miles II


Promotion ceremony went very smooth this year. It was quick and the temperature was favorable. Thanks to all those who helped create this event to celebrate the passing of our 8th grade students. By the way, did you know that every 8th grade student was promoted this year? Not one will be required to attend summer school or repeat the grade. Way to go students!

The Promotion Dance was well attended and looked like most were having a good time. Aside from one hiccup, the entire dance and process of making this event happen went very smoothly. I want to thank those 8th grade parents who spent a lot time setting this up and chaperoning it as well.

Reality Town was a great opportunity for outgoing 8th graders to experience life beyond school. It looked like many students were having a great time making adult decisions and realizing the importance of schooling and its effect on their future. Thank you to Mr. Garrison, Gear Up, and the numerous community volunteers to make this event successful again.

The talent show was great. It is always special to see our students display such a wide variety of talent and be confident enough to display it to others. I was proud to see their many performances. Thank you to the BCMS Leadership class under Mrs. Hinthorn’s direction for making this happen.

The 7th grade boat race was another hit. Cold water, check. Boats made of cardboard and duct tape, check. Staff boat taking the win again, check. Skits and other fun, check. If you haven’t made this yearly event yet be sure to stop by next year. 

Art 3 students were able to complete their final art project and the tea set they created was great.

The agriculture science class worked together with the high school FFA this year, and for the first time in Bonners Ferry, some 8th graders earned their FFA Discovery Degree.

There will be a Chess Camp and Tournament at BFHS and Valley View this June 18th and 19th. More details can be gained at the front office of BCMS or other schools.

ISAT scores will be mailed home with report cards this week!


Upcoming Events:

6/19-7/17: School closed for resurfacing of floors – absolutely no entry

8/15-8/19: Cheer Camp

8/30: BCMS Preregistration

8/31: 6th Transition Day – 8-11:30am

9/1: BCMS Preregistration

9/6: First day of school for 16-17 school year





6577 Main Street

Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805

Mr. David Miles II, Principal

Phone   208.267.5852

Fax   208.267.8099

Bell Schedules

2015 - 2016
1st Breakfast included  8:00  9:03
2nd  9:07  9:58
3rd 10:02 10:53
4th 10:57 11:48
Lunch / Advisory 11:48  1:18
5th  1:18  2:09
6th  2:13  3:04
7th  3:08  4:00
7th Lunch 11:48 12:18
7th Advisory 12:18  1:14
6th Advisory 11:52 12:00
6th Lunch 12:18 12:48
6th Advisory 12:48  1:14
8th Advisory 11:52 12:48
8th Lunch 12:48  1:18


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