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*All band students must purchase an ASB Card.

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It's BOGO!!!!!

May 23 - May 26

7:30am - 4:30pm

~*~Come and check it out ~*~

June 9, 2016

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When:  June 9th - 6:30 pm

Where: Middle School Gym

Reminder: Students please arrive by 5:45 pm



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Principal, David Miles II


Please congratulate April’s Citizens of the Month who were selected due to their Trustworthiness: Liliana Brinkman (6th), Malory McLeish (7th), Nathan Olsen (8th), and Val Sorenson (staff). Next month will focus on Respect.

Track season has ended and BCMS went out with accolades. The final meet witnessed our 8th grade girls and 7th grade boys get crowned district champions! Our 8th grade boys and 7th grade girls were able to gather runner-up status. We are extremely proud of our students’ ability to participate, grow through the season, and bring home awards for their efforts. Thanks to all for supporting our teams this year and to those who were able to come to the rescheduled home meet.

There are a few Band events coming up. The Jazz recognition concert at the high school will be May 17th starting at 6:30.  There is also the Music in the Parks competition occurring on May 21st.  The Middle School recognition concert is May 24th beginning at 6:30.

Middle School drama class will have a performance on May 23rd at Becker auditorium beginning at 7:00pm.

ISAT testing has ended! The students performed brilliantly and we had very few issues running the testing sessions. Thanks to all the community members who donated snacks for the students and to our teachers who were flexible enough to continue teaching through the disruption.  BCMS is excited to check our academic growth over the past year so stay tuned for the results.

Cheerleading tryouts for are happening next week (5/16-5/20). The tryout workshops/clinic will be Monday through Thursday from 4:30-6:30. The actual tryout event will take place Friday beginning at 10am. Some other mandatory meetings include a parent meeting on 5/24 at 6:00pm, fitting for uniforms on 5/31 at 4:00, and the 4th of July Parade time to be announced.

The annual 8th grade Silverwood trip is taking place on Thursday, May 19th. Make sure to have all necessary forms are in for your child to be eligible to go. Silverwood is not open to the public on that day so the lines are short and it is a great time for all.

The Forget Me Not Walk/Run will be taking place on the track at the end of school on May 26th. This is a great event to remember those we care about while also raising money to support a scholarship awarded to a BFHS senior. Hope to see many of you there.

Students have completed their registration for classes next year. We are now in the process of creating the schedule and getting ready for next year. If you have any questions, please contact BCMS.

Progress reports were recently sent home with students. We are now in the final part of the schoolyear and grades become increasingly important during this time. Please take some time to look over your child’s progress report and discuss their grades and the implications they have. Again, if you have any questions, call BCMS.

Our school will be getting an infusion of technology again next year. Jessica Hanna and Dawn Wagner applied for mini-technology grants and are being recommended to receive updated technology in their band and art classrooms respectively. I can’t wait to see how this technology will enhance those programs.

Have you heard about the State of Idaho’s 8in6 program? If done correctly and timely, your children could earn an Associate’s Degree at the same time they graduate from high school! Students need to start the summer before their 7th grade year. Contact your school counselor to learn more about this awesome program.

Parents, please help us keep the front of our school safe! Buses need to be able to use the front of our school to drop off and pick up students as well as allow students to change buses. This mixed with students leaving and arriving the building can make for a dangerous situation. Please use the north and south parking lots to drop off and pick up your students at the beginning and end of the school day.

Upcoming Events:

5/16-5/20: Cheerleading Tryouts

5/17: Jazz recognition concert – Becker - 630

5/18: Final(?) 8th grade parents meeting to discuss upcoming promotion dance – 5:30

5/19: 8th grade Silverwood trip

5/21: Music in the Parks competition

5/23/-5/26:  BOGO Book Fair 7:30am - 4:30pm

5/23: Middle School Drama presentations – Becker - 7

5/24: Middle School Band recognition concert – Becker – 630

5/26: Forget Me Not Walk/Run – track - 415

5/31:  BCMS Choir Gala @ 7:00pm - Becker Auditorium 




6577 Main Street

Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805

Mr. David Miles II, Principal

Phone   208.267.5852

Fax   208.267.8099

Bell Schedules

2015 - 2016
1st Breakfast included  8:00  9:03
2nd  9:07  9:58
3rd 10:02 10:53
4th 10:57 11:48
Lunch / Advisory 11:48  1:18
5th  1:18  2:09
6th  2:13  3:04
7th  3:08  4:00
7th Lunch 11:48 12:18
7th Advisory 12:18  1:14
6th Advisory 11:52 12:00
6th Lunch 12:18 12:48
6th Advisory 12:48  1:14
8th Advisory 11:52 12:48
8th Lunch 12:48  1:18


Master Schedule

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