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6th Advisory 12:48  1:14
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3/20:  Last day to buy Yearbooks

3/27-3/31:  "Used Book Fair"

3/28:  Choir Concert @ Becker Auditorium 7pm

3/30:  Staff vs. Students Basketball game

3/30:  End of 3rd Quarter

4/3-4/6:  Spring Break

4/25:  Spring Class Pictures and Track 


Certified Employee of the Month

Sara Anderson is February’s Boundary County School District Certified Employee of the Month!

Sara Anderson is starting to make her name known at Boundary County Middle School. Ask just about any seventh grader who their favorite teacher is and they are likely to respond, Ms. Anderson. You might hear parents say the same thing. What is surprising is that Ms. Anderson is our seventh grade MATH teacher! That is correct, our seventh grade MATH teacher is being tagged as arguable our students’ and parents’ favorite teacher. It shouldn’t come as any surprise then when staff frequently state that she may be one of our best teachers. I agree with everyone. Sara Anderson is a rare talent who can explain math in a way that connects with students, tries her hardest to do what is best for students, is excited to be a part of our program, and uses all opportunities to reflect and grow.

Sara is a great math teacher. She has a special way of describing the math process which most students can understand and grasp. But more than that she recognizes when students do not understand and spends time to make sure they do. She teaches a variety of ways to do the math and complete the problems and uses great real world problems to make a connection to the math that students will understand. One lesson she used musical rappers and the fastest speaker on record to teach about rate and unit rate. She uses hands on experiments like bags of colored marbles to help students understand probabilities and percentages. She uses her own class participation rates as a precursor to lessons she teaches. AMAZING! Connecting real world student interests to math and making sure the proper time is spent on topics so that students understand is what every teacher should seek to do.

Sara is also dedicated to students. She is constantly trying to find a way to connect with students on a more personal level while at school. She takes notes, asks questions, and is willing to try just about anything to get students motivated and helped in the right direction if that is what they need. She comes to me with ideas about how to help students, even in other classes and/or with their behavior! When she doesn’t have ideas she is the first to seek out solutions to any problems she might have (she is a math teacher after all). She has instituted Brain Gym in her class out of a desire to solve the boredom and lack of physical movement during the school day. Brain Gym is a short time each day set aside for students to “move” in a precise way to music she plays. It is rare to see students not engaged in this activity.

Sara is also the first to participate in any event we have going on at school. She loves to be a part of our entire program. Is it a hat day? She will be a crazy hat! Is it a dress up day? She will be wearing a crazy outfit. Is it a competitive day? She will be signed up and competing against students or staff. She is very active in our school and the visibility helps her connect to the students at their level.

Finally, Sara is very open to growth opportunities. Just a short discussion with her about what even needs discussed will lead her to think and reflect and make changes if needed. She is always looking for opportunities to learn more and grow as a teacher. It is refreshing to have a staff member who wants to learn and always improve.         

Every building needs a Sara Anderson. She is uplifting for the whole staff and makes her mark daily. It is my privilege to have Sara Anderson make student connections, help students in need, participate in our school events, and make math awesome!


Miles' Monitor


Principal, David Miles II


BCMS student Emmet Melior was recently crowned champion of our Geography Bee. He now gets to compete at the state level after also winning the regional competition. We are always so proud of our students’ achievement.

BCMS staff member Sara Anderson has been named BCSD101 Certified Employee of the Month. Ms. Anderson is mainly our 7th grade math teacher and it is not surprising she earned this honor as several students and parents recently called her the best teacher they have ever had. We hope she continues her success.

BCMS Citizens of the Month for February have been named. Taking home this month’s honors are Morgan Moon (6th grade), Wyatt Hart (7th grade), Hannah Facha (8th grade), and Mrs. Heigel (staff). These individuals were recognized for their caring spirit. We are proud of their achievement.

In case you missed it, the January Citizens of the Month were Mia Blackmore (6th grade), Ethan Hubbard (7th grade), Mateya Falck (8th grade), and Mr. Miles (staff). They were recognized for having the trait of fairness.

BCMS students recently competed in our annual spelling bee. The 6th grade winners were Tyler Stockdale (1st) and Morgan Moon (2nd). The 7th grade winners were Camille Ussher (1st) and Alana Branson (2nd). The 8th grade winners were Regina Claphan (1st) and Lauren Onstott (2nd). Congratulations to all the competitors and thank you to all the volunteers who make this event successful.

BCMS Robotics Team (Omega) had a very successful year of competition. They hosted a competition here at BCMS where they received the Robot Design Award allowing them to move on to the state competition in Moscow, Idaho. There they received Judges’ Award putting them as one of the top teams in the State of Idaho. Great work folks.

BCMS’ Debate team also recently competed and took home honors. The team travelled to Spokane and competed in a mock trial event against another debate team. While there, the team won both of their sides of the mock trial and several students were individually recognized as well. Alisa Hannaman was named best lawyer while Ally Martin was named best witness. What a great event and experience for those students.

BCMS recently hosted the 69th annual middle school basketball tournament! In the tournament we placed a variety of teams: 8th girls won consolation, 8th boys placed second, and B boys placed 4th. The tournament was a huge success with many teams from northern Idaho and western Montana competing in the event. We had a large turnout of people to help us with this event and we could not have done it without them. Meanwhile, Priest River hosted the 7th grade tournament where our 7th girls won consolation and our 7th boys placed 4th.

Before the tournament, BCMS Leadership students produced a pep assembly for the school. They had a variety of games and events including water bottle flipping, knocking cups off a table using balloon air, and trying to get an oreo from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands. It was all a blast. The cheerleaders led the school in the Badger Stomp and also showed us a routine they had worked hard on. All of our athletes were recognized and everyone seemed to have a great time.

BCMS also recently produced a Human Rights Assembly put together by various groups and led by Leadership students. It opened with a great speech by Gary Aiken Jr. and included songs, poetry, and other experiences to celebrate diversity and discuss human rights and anti-bullying messages. We were proud of this student led event.

Our school’s good behavior recognitions system, known as Badger Pride Cards, is starting to become coveted and popular. The staff created a list of rewards the students could buy using the cards and students seem to like several of the rewards. The most popular reward is having Mr. Miles walk them to Badger Den during lunch so they can buy coffee and snacks.

Students at our school are currently participating in “Hearts not Hurts” where students receive then pass along wooden hearts to help us all feel better about each other and ourselves. They will soon be participating in March Madness while the staff takes part in March Gladness. Come check out our halls and doors from the March Madness contest on Wednesday, March 15th. It is always a sight to see the work students have done to sell their college choices.

The last day of this quarter is March 30th. The last day to buy yearbooks is March 20th.

Many of these achievements would not be possible without your support. Thank you for continuing to support education and our school and please remember to vote on March 14th.




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Advanced Art Class

Advanced Art Class just completed their first paintings, copying a famous work of art. They learned that they can legally copy a Masterpiece as long as they give credit to the original artist.


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Cyberbullying: New Problems, New Tactics
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