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ASB Card - $20.00            

Family Pass - $45.00

Yearbooks - $25.00

Planners - $5.00

⇔ All band students must purchase an ASB Card.



Attention Parents:  Please take a few minutes (around 10) to complete the following survey. The district is collecting information about technology use and needs and would love to have parent input included in the data.  Thank You!    



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INSTRUCTIONS:  Scroll toward the bottom and find the link that says, Practice Test Portal, under the heading, Resources and Support.  Then click on the green box with the bicycle at the bottom of that page.  Login as "Guest" using the pre-filled fields.



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Miles' Monitor


Principal, David Miles II


SBAC testing still in progress! We are testing small groups and absentees. We had some learning and scheduling pains but overall we were impressed with student efforts and flexibility. We will use this to better prepare and schedule for next years’ testing.

⇒April 21st – 24th: SBAC for 6th grade and small group

⇒April 24th: First BCMS home track meet. 4:30-? We are excited to announce very strong numbers of participants this year! We have 61 student athletes of which 58 are eligible (grade restrictions).

⇒April 24th: Thursday 5:00-7:00pm. Food, Fitness, Fun event. Middle School gym/library/cafeteria will be hosting an event to help the community plan wholesome summer events. Part of Gear Up grant.

⇒April 28th: Last home BCMS track meet. 4:30-?

⇒April 30th: Class picture day.

⇒May 1st: MMRE evaluation. Our math teachers have been participating in an ongoing math curriculum/pedagogy and their ability to bring ideas back into the classroom will be evaluated. The strategies presented during these professional developments times align very nicely with Common Core Math.

⇒May 5th-8th: Book Fair in BCMS Library.

⇒May 5th -8th: Teacher Appreciation Week. Please take some time to acknowledge the hard work and long hours teachers put into their jobs.

⇒May 8th: Move Up Day: 8th graders will travel to high school to get acquainted while 5th graders will be here. It will be a crazy day scheduling wise but helps students ease their fears of this huge transition.

⇒May 9th: Student Teacher guest at staff workday – Rachel Wheatley/Tye will be working with our science teachers next fall.

⇒May 12th: 8th grade registration and four year plans.

⇒May 15th: Afternoon 1-4pm, Reality Town. This event helps 8th graders live in the “real world” by receiving jobs, money, etc. and taking care of bills using checking accounts. Part of Gear Up grant.

⇒May 20th: Finale Band Concert – 6-9pm. Come see how much students have grown this year and get more excited to join band next year.

⇒May 21st: Talent show tryouts during advisory classes.

⇒May 22nd: Silverwood trip for 8th graders. This is an annual event for eligible 8th graders (grades and behavior) to enjoy their waning moments of Middle School.

⇒June 2nd: talent show rehearsal

⇒June 3rd: Talent Show. Reading Plus class will be hosting a fun event to bring closer the end of the year! More details to come but students will be showcasing their talents during an end of school assembly. Should be fun to watch.

⇒June 4th: 8th Grade Graduation Practice for eligible 8th graders only (grades and behavior).

⇒June 5th: 8th Grade Graduation and Dance beginning at 6:30 for eligible 8th graders only (grades and behavior).

Boundary Co Middle School
Picture Day: 04/30/2014
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This spring, we are proud to partner with Operation Smile to transform the lives of over 200 children throughout North America and around the world - one smile at a time.
    Lifetouch 2014
The Idaho State mandated SBAC Field Test is scheduled to take place in all Boundary County schools for Grades 3-11, beginning April 14, 2014 through May 1, 2014.  Make-up testing may occur as late as May 16, 2014.  The SBAC test will replace the ISAT Language Usage, Reading and Math tests as the State's required standardized test.  The Science ISAT will continue to be administered in the Spring to 5th, 7th and 10th grade students, until further notice from the State.  Two SBAC tests (with two sections each) will be administered, English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. 
Opting out of the SBAC is NOT allowed per the Idaho State Department of Education.  This year's field test provides an opportunity for students to have exposure to the expectations and format of the SBAC test prior to having it count toward their promotion and State graduation requirements next school year.  Student scores will NOT be received at the state level, district level or school level.  As a field test, questions are simply being validated for future testing.  
If you have questions or concerns regarding the test, please feel free to contact Robin Merrifield, Testing Coordinator and Curriculum Director for Boundary County School District, at 208-267-7962.  You may also visit the SBAC website at the following link:
Thank you for your support and understanding during this time of transition.  



6577 Main Street, Suite 100

Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805

Mr. David Miles II, Principal

Phone   208.267.5852

Fax   208.267.8099

7th/8th Grade Track Calendar


Bell Schedules


7th & 8th Grade Schedule
1st 8:00  8:54 
2nd 8:58 9:52
3rd 9:56 10:50
4th 10:54  11:48 
Grade 8 Lunch 11:52 12:27
Grade 7 Advisory 11:52 12:27
Grade 7 Lunch 12:31 1:06
Grade 8 Advisory 12:31 1:06
5th 1:10 2:04
6th 2:08 3:02
7th 3:06 4:00


6th Grade Schedule
1L                         8:00  8:54 
2L 8:58  9:52
3L 9:56 10:34 
4L 10:38  11:15
Grade 6 Lunch 11:15 12:00
5L 12:06 1:06
6L 1:10 2:04
Advisory 2:08 3:02
7L 3:06 4:00


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Cyberbullying: New Problems, New Tactics
Bullying is an old problem that remains difficult to bring under control, in part because technology offers new ways for kids to pick on one another. Indeed, cyberbullying can extend the reach and power of some of the worst bullies, subjecting kids to taunts from beyond their own schools and neighborhoods.  
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